On the picture:
W.Elliott, H.Hemens, W. McDonald, A.Fraser, J.Armstrong, J.McDougall, 
B.Carruthers, J.Sauve, M.Seguin, J.Power, D.Long, J.Ross.

A little history...

It was in 1956 that a Rosemère resident group founded the curling club. This one is built on the lands of the Tylee family, an important family of the region. The marsh at the back of the club is also named after the family (Tylee Swamp). Two leagues are also named founding members, the Tylee league and the Ross league.

The pool was built in 1959 and the first dive took place in July. At that time, there were more than 220 members. Several residents had to wait before becoming a member, the club being a private club.

Then came the tennis courts. The first ball was hit in May 1973. The club now has three courts with a battered clay surface.

The first president of the club was Mr. Jack Power who held this position for the first two years.

Club members come mainly from the Lower Laurentians region (Rosemère, Ste-Thérèse, Lorraine, Blainville, etc.), but also from the Laval and Montreal regions.
After 61 years, the club is still alive. Owned and operated by its volunteer members, the club still offers curling, swimming and tennis. A reception room and outdoor terraces by the pool are also available and accessible.

The club became a non-profit organization (NPO) in December 2011 and is still growing constantly ...


The crest:
The club's crest is very simple. The rose in the center refers to the huge rose marshes of old, being the origin of the name of the city of Rosemere. This flower occupies a preponderant place, illustrating suddenly the country aspect of the city. Obviously, the stone and the brooms invoke obviously curling ...